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Car dismantling and spare parts from Japan

TKB can supply spare parts for all types of equipment of Japanese manufacturers, regardless of make or year of production, including cars, motorcycles, special equipment, snowmobiles, watercraft etc. From catalogs manufacturers as original production, and OEM manufactured in other Asian countries Japanese manufacturers license.

Exclusive right to participate in the TSUBASA, representing a combined market of new / used parts, provides customers with a wide range of TKB components for all models. Also we can supply new and used tires and aluminum wheels, both small and large parties.

On its yard TKB operates a disassembly plant, equipped with all the necessary equipment that allows us to provide services to its customers for dismatling cars to spare parts. Our experienced mechanics provide quality dismantling according to your specifications, including instructions on packaging and delivery.



Our company supplies spare parts for Japanese cars, motorcycles and other equipment, wholesale, retail, container delivery anywhere in the world. We supply spare parts in the contract of 20 and 40-ton containers.

Presence of own land and factory buildings, and the availability of modern equipment allow any party to form parts in the shortest possible time. All items are dismantled by professional engineers, and then completed and loaded into a container. In the process of analysis by our specialists carried out continuous monitoring at every stage of the production cycle.

The most popular methods of acquisition of containers, equipment is on the basis of complete engines and transmissions, mechanical parts, body parts. We also provide a quality cut and delivery "halves" (hulf-cut) all types of vehicles. Goods with the carefully packaged to prevent damage.

We also have a database of spare parts in stock, with a wide variety of parts and tires for sale. In the absence of parts in stock, we offer you to use our service for parts ordering.

Our many years of experience in this field - it is a guarantee of quality! You can fully trust us with the formation of your container or to attend at the same time. For our clients we provide visa support and accommodation.

We hope for long-term and fruitful cooperation.

Our logistics partners:

Toyama Kaigai Boeki Co. Ltd. has a partnership with the transport groups FESCO and HANJIN KAIUN.


Phone. +(81) 76434-9999
Fax. +(81) 76434-9911
visitors - 1570994
Наша деятельность разнообразна и включает автомобили из японии, продажа подержанных и новых автомобилей, запчастей. Новости из мира японских авто и подержанных автомобилей из Японии, автомобили с левым рулем и продажа японских автомобилей с нашего склада авто во владивостоке и на заказ в японию. А также АвтоАукционы, Японские аукционы. На аукционах японских автомобилей осуществляется продажа автомобилей. Мы выполняем индивидуальные заказы, доставку из японии а также запасные части. Аукционные автомобили из Японии по низким ценам, Грузовая cпецтехника из Японии, японская спецтехника. Продажа спецтехники в Японии на аукционах ничем особым не отличается от продажи на других аукционах. У нас есть каталог легковых и грузовых автомобилей и строительной техники с аукционов Японии, запчастей: технические характеристики, фотографии, цены. Спецтехника во Владивостоке. Спецтехника из Японии. Каталог контрактных запчастей. В этом разделе сайта находится постоянно обновляющийся каталог скутеров из Японии. Спецтехника из Японии. Шины и диски из Японии. Японские мотошины. разбор машин Япония, запчасти разбор Япония, Ямаха ФР27 / Yamaha FR27, Ямаха ФР26 / Yamaha FR26, Мототехника Япония, аукционы Яху