Export of spare parts in containers

Our company supplies spare parts for Japanese cars, motorcycles and other equipment, wholesale, retail, container delivery anywhere in the world. We supply spare parts in the contract of 20 and 40-ton containers.

Presence of own land and factory buildings, and the availability of modern equipment allow any party to form parts in the shortest possible time. All items are dismantled by professional engineers, and then completed and loaded into a container. In the process of analysis by our specialists carried out continuous monitoring at every stage of the production cycle.

The most popular methods of acquisition of containers, equipment is on the basis of complete engines and transmissions, mechanical parts, body parts. We also provide a quality cut and delivery "halves" (hulf-cut) all types of vehicles. Goods with the carefully packaged to prevent damage.

We also have a database of spare parts in stock, with a wide variety of parts and tires for sale. In the absence of parts in stock, we offer you to use our service for parts ordering.

Our many years of experience in this field - it is a guarantee of quality! You can fully trust us with the formation of your container or to attend at the same time. For our clients we provide visa support and accommodation.

We hope for long-term and fruitful cooperation.

Our logistics partners:

Toyama Kaigai Boeki Co. Ltd. has a partnership with the transport groups FESCO and HANJIN KAIUN.


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