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Our business ethics and principles

Customers reliability and trust, rather than immediate profit, are our priorities. Profit is secondary in the country of the rising sun, which is why many Western and American entrepreneurs suffer a fiasco here. The concept of "mutual trust and care" is the pillar of the client-company relationship. In our daily practice, TKB employees shall act in accordance with the letter and with the essence of this principle.

Responsibility and duty are not less important in Japan. If the company had violated the word and God forbid betrayed the confidence of the client,  the company has "lost its face" - will not be trusted. This is the worst that can happen to a company, so the Japanese business community  is based on mutual trust and reputation. Our company knows what the responsibility and duty to a client means. We value long-term, fruitful relationships that are built primarily on human relationships and trust.

However illogical to talk about the business of the rising sun is not necessary, because ethics and duty are rigid coupling with rationalism, which is the envy of any Western man. It is always important to find the most logical and optimal way to achieve the goal. This coupling is the key to mutual prosperity and success in your business dealings.

Without an understanding of all of the above principles, no company would be able to do business in Japan. And only the company that has apprehended and learned all these principles in their daily activities, can dynamically develop for many years, successfully mastering new areas of business.

In a foreign country it is impossible to do business without knowing the norms and traditions, admitted by the society. A Japanese proverb says - “Enter someone’s house - respect the host rules” that is why the business ethics of our company  is so similar to the Japanese one.

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Home » COMPANY » Our business etiquette
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