3. HOW TO BUY >>

If you are already our customer and have an account with TKB, you can order vehicles and equipment directly by phone or email

You can also view live auctions and sales statistics directly through our site. The process of purchasing cars from Japanese auctions can be summarized in 7 easy steps:

1.  First access the Live Auctions page on:

    You can also check out the following car sale online resources:,, and others.

2. Register (user registration is simple and quick) - following registration you will receive full access to all auction listings, the ability to place bids and other various business tools.
3. Login - using your new username and password that you have used during Registration.

4. Price Shipping Calculator from USA/Canada to your destination port

5. Bidding - If you have registered on our site, you can send us a bid (order) to buy a car directly from the site. We remind you that before you start bidding, you should choose a work plan and contact our managers for confirmation. For the initial purchase, your account must contain at least 30% of the bid price. The deposit is not required for permanent clients. The bid is the maximum price forwhich you are willing to buy the car. The auction price (your bid) does not include additional costs and taxes. To estimate all additional costs, please see the previous page (Work Plans) or consult our managers.

6. After a successful purchase, you will receive an invoice for the full payment of the vehicle. Payment must be made withoin 3 working days after the auction. Once the car is paid for, the auctions will release all vehicles documents and we can prepare the vehicle for export. Delivery will accur directly to the port of export or to our yard for container loading, dismantling or other special technical work, according to your instructions.

7. Our Logistics Department will contact you to plan the best route of shipping to your destination and inform you of costs and procedures.



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