How to buy a car at auction in Japan:

For car dealers:

In order to register a new account and start placing bids on Live Auctions, you need to make an initial deposit, which is equivalent to 30% of the first intended purchase. For example, if you are planning to buy your first vehicle for $10,000, your initial deposit should be $3,000. This deposit will be used for the purchase of the first vehicle, or can be kept on your account for future purchases. The deposit is also fully refundable in case no car is purchased for more then 6 months.
After a car you have bid on has been purchased, we must transfer the full cost, all taxes and commissions to the auction house within 4 working days. Therefore, we ask you to make the full payment within 3 working days from winning an auction lot. If the price for international shipping freight is still unknown, this payment can be made a later time. However, it is crucial that we receive full payment for cars purchased by you within the time given. Japanese Auction houses are very strict and no extensions are ever allowed. Cancellations are not allowed under any case or pretence!

For individual buyers:

Step 1: Search for the desired car - using the search engine on our website, you can study the sales statistics for the last 6 months. This will help you understand the dynamics of prices for the desired model(s). After that, you can place educated bids for the desired vehicle.

Step 2: Calculating the final cost in your country - please contact our managers at to culculate and get the best understading of all costs to your country.

Step 3: Once you are ready to place bids on Live Auctions, you will have to open a new account with our company and make a refundable deposit for the first purchase. The deposit can be used for the purchase of the first car, or kept on the account for further pruchases. In case no purchase is made, the deposit is fully refundable. 

Step 4: Bid and buy the desired car

Step 5: Make the full payment for the purchase, including all taxes, commisions, transportation and shipping costs.

Step 6: Transportation and export


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